The First Cloud Audio Recorder Record HD audio with anyone anywhere in the world. With a specialized system dedicated to make recording and editing easy, Audiostratus allows content producers to produce like never before.
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How Does AudioStratus Work?
We're all about keeping it simple. Gather your participants, choose your audio settings, and record. Audiostratus handles all the rest.
Start the recording!
Start your VOIP session and invite your friends into Audiostratus.
Ready to Record?
When you hit the record all systems recordings will go live at the same time through a global time syncronization.
Had a great session?
Just stop the recording. The audio file is saved on your local system with each file is in crystal clear quality.
Pull it all together!
You can pull every users local recording using Dropbox or Google. We can even collect, store, and organize your recordings for you.
Time to edit!
Now just import the audio into your favorite editor and get to work. Multitrack editing just got that much easier.
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